Koding Adventure To @Snap Inc.

// December 29, 2016 //

Venice, CA, Los Angeles

On November 16, 2016, I was invited by #BuiltByGirls to experience an evening filled with young coders like me, entrepreneurs, and people working in the tech industry. As an attendee, I felt it was an amazing opportunity to learn how someone who dreams is to be part of STEAM to have the chance to get inspired by innovators. Also, I had a chat with other young women who were part of Built By Girls and Girls Who Code. They talked about what they learned during the program, how coding helped them created apps or websites, and there next step towards future plans. The feeling of being @Snap Inc. was filled with excitement, motivation, and influential. It was a chance to learn how young women should have confidence and reach for their goals.

The theme was “Digital Storytelling”, which gave attendees the chance to learn how @Snap Inc. came to be and what elements make up the app. Two employees from @Snap Inc. had an open – ended question discussion, so that the attendees had the chance to ask questions about the app, company, or coding behind it.

Fun Facts: Animators are actually involved in sketching a filter, which is handcrafted and later turned into a 3D filter work of art. During the 2016 Presidential election, employees had to keep updating the electoral votes on the app by searching the results every second to stay on track. When Instagram copied Snapchat’s idea on their app recently, @Snap Inc. didn’t worried because they knew that there was going to be tech companies plagiarizing and they rather continue to focus on making snap-chatters happy.

The app is involved with:

  • GPS (location)
  • Geometry (face detection)
  • Latitude and Longitude (coordinate planes for exact city, state, and destination)
  • 3D Digital Art (filters and stickers)

There was an activity involving which group can build the highest tower using cups, tape, scissors, straws, and other basic essentials. There was only five minutes to come up with a plan and test it if it works or fails. My group came up with an idea on how could we make a tower where it’s not heavy, so that it won’t tumble down. Even though we didn’t win, I had a fun time and everyone was given Snapchat’s merchandise. I learned that working as a group; everyone has to cooperate, share their ideas, and come up with a plan.

Danielle Letayf, a #BuiltByGirls employee, is a lovely woman who I had the chance to talk about my experience at Kode With Klossy. Ms. Letayf runs all social media accounts for #BuiltByGirls and she was the one who hosted the hashtag event. Our guest speaker, Sana Talwar, who’s an active coder and appeared on #CoderGirl, gave our special guests questions about their involvement in the tech world, what inspired them to reach for their dreams, and how is it like working around men. Our special guests were women who had both positive and negative stories about the reality of the tech industry. One of the women, had a boss who was strict and gave her lack of confidence of working in the company. Learning from having a terrible boss, she realized that not every job is the same and that you should prove to the person that you could work hard.

The room was filled with inspiration especially to the young audience and the guest’s speeches was to give young women the motivation to become role models in their community, gain confidence with their future careers and how creativity is key!

Additional Information +

Kode With Klossy Interview: http://community.kodewithklossy.com/scholar-spotlight-kloss-angeles-tours-snapchat/

Learn more about #BuiltByGirls: https://builtbygirls.com/

Go Watch Coder Girl: http://www.codegirlmovie.com/


Author: fantasydiana

17-year-old hispanic woman living in Los Angeles, California

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