Being part of the FOSSASIA Community

// DECEMBER 28, 2016 //

Participating on my first Google Code-in Contest, is very exciting and I’m thrilled to work with different organizations. When I chose my first task with FOSSASIA, it was pretty amazing because I had mentors who were there to assist and compliment my work. As in now, I’ve done four tasks from FOSSASIA dashboard, which I enjoyed working on. Their tasks have the programming languages that I use and it challenges a coder like me to go beyond with my skills. Throughout the tasks, I felt confident that I was part of the FOSSASIA community because I had mentors that would give out their suggestions and tips on what makes a task approved or not.

My first task was to be part of the FOSSASIA chat and it’s was like a whole new world that I joined. In the chat, individuals asked others for help, some introducing themselves to others, and vice-versa. I learned that an individual should step out from their comfort zone and open themselves to others.

Since, I already have experiences using GitHub, I chose a task related to the web-based Git depository service. My task was to fork five repositories and star ten of my favorite projects from FOSSASIA. I had some issues with showing my mentor that I followed directions and everything I did was complete. So, I had to wait patiently, let my mentor review my work, and approve it. I felt that this task was a refresh to test me if I knew the basics of GitHub. The task is great for individuals who are just introduced to GitHub and are ready to learn something new.

When it comes to graphic design or animation, I loved to play around with colors, drawings, and anything related to artistic work. This is one of the tasks that I enjoyed working on, which is designing a new logo or icon for LibreHealth. LibreHealth is an application that’s used for clinical health record system to customize for uses of health care settings. It took time to combine colors and drawings that would fit with the philosophy and intend of LibreHealth. It’s not about making something look perfect, but to use your creative that would make it stand out and original.

My logo for LibreHealth:

5683225835864064_1482302996_LibreHealth (2) 

Similar to the task above, I created a logo for MBDyn and this is one of my favorite task so, far and I would like to thank my mentor for helping me throughout this project. MBDyn is a free general purpose Multibody Dynamics analysis software. In my mind I had the words “multibody” and “mechanics”, which I used to design the logo. To make the logo stand out, I used the colors: orange, red, and black because it catches the audience’s attention. I did had some issues with the font, but I figured it out by making some changes in the general settings. I enjoyed designing this logo because it’s fun to make something out of scratch and turning it into an amazing work of art.

My logo for MBDyn: 

MBDyn Logo (1).png

I used Inkscape to design my logos: 

FOSSASIA has a variety of impressive tasks that I’m willing to work throughout the contest and hope to complete the ones I’m satisfied to finish on time. Some projects that I’m interested to work on is creating an app, add features to a website, fix and solve an issue. 

For more information about FOSSASIA:

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Author: fantasydiana

17-year-old hispanic woman living in Los Angeles, California

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